Advanced Ad Server

Measurable Campaign Results

You can't manage what you can't measure.

Whether your goal is to increase online sales, donations, applications, form fills, or awareness, Mogo Interactive can build a measurement strategy to measure and report on your campaign’s performance.  

Accurate Campaign Data

Utilizing Doubleclick’s advanced Ad Server to deliver advertising messages across channels to your target audience, Mogo is able to  measure advertising interactions at the individual level. This means we can tie digital interactions back to one user across display, video, mobile, social, direct buys, search, Pandora and more.

Mogo effectively de-duplicates metrics that can be double-counted as a result of marketing to specific media channels.  This unique ability is exclusive to DoubleClick technology and enables us to make better investment decisions and effectively optimize campaigns for our partners and clients.

See Mobile’s True Impact With Cross-Device Measurement

Mogo possesses the revolutionary ability to measure conversions across devices.  Cross-Device Measurement from DoubleClick allows Mogo to tie a marketing message delivered on one device to a later purchase or conversion  on a different device. 

So what can Mogo Measure?

Advanced Measurement Insights Include:
  • Conversion Tracking: We will build a measurement strategy to measure and report campaign correlated from your campaign.  This can include valuable data like ticket sales, purchase revenue, orderID’s, donations, online applications, signups and more.

  • Optimal Ad Frequency:   The number of advertising messages required to persuade and inform conversion/purchase behavior

  • Optimal Marketing Time-period:  The number of days required required to persuade and inform conversion/purchase behavior   

  • Reach and frequency:  The number of advertising messages and message impression frequency shown across your campaign

  • De-Duplicated Attribution Metrics:  The process of attributing a sale or conversion to a single online advertising channel versus counting each channel interaction as a unique conversion and therefore inaccurately double and triple counting sales.

  • Path to Conversion Data: The sequence and frequency of advertising messages that successfully persuaded a conversion or purchase. 


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