Data Activation

Activate your data to increase campaign performance, media efficiency and ROI.  

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Website Visitors
Target your website visitors based on their online behavior, engagement, interests, and demographics. Deploy look-a-like profiles to scale your target audience.

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Location Based

Hyper-local targeting based on lattitude & longitude. Target audiences that are now within, or have previously been within, physical locations including:
  • Sports stadiums
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports
  • Competitors locations
  • +1000's more!

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Transaction Data

Activate your customer database by converting your customer data (email, name, address, and phone number) to target existing customers and reactivate lapsed customers online.  Match against historical data including:
  • Multiple emails
  • Address changes

Once your data has been activated, it can then be deployed for marketing to sell products and services as well as monetized through sponsorship.

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