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4 Pillars of Digital Marketing

Mogo can help you achieve the four pillars of digital marketing success, from acquisition to winning back lost business.

1. Acquisition

Customer acquisition is critical to any business. Digital marketing provides an ideal environment for connecting, engaging and activating your customers.  Key to acquisition success is recognizing that you must engage your prospects across multiple touchpoints at every stage of the customer decision-making journey.  Advanced digital marketing insights enable you to understand the optimal message frequency, as well as the optimal marketing period to maximize your acquisition efforts.

Acquire new customers with look-a-like modeling that targets audiences based on your current customers’ profiles and media consumption habits online using display, video, Facebook, mobile and search.

2. Retention

Acquiring new customers is just the beginning. Nurturing your customer relationships expands your customer’s awareness of your offerings, deepens their loyalty to your brand, and reduces the likelihood of customer attrition and loss.   According to Bain & Co., increasing your customer retention rates by just 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

Consider leveraging Mogo’s CRM Targeting to convert your customer files (Name, Address & Email) to privacy-compliant cookies.  In this format we can identify these audiences where they aggregate online and deliver custom messaging across display, Facebook, video, mobile and more.  Utilize retention strategies to build your brand, humanize your company by showing your organization in a more personal light, remind them about all the great things you do to support the community and why your offering is superior to competitors.  Segment your customer file by risk of attrition and invest accordingly.  This type of push marketing, pushing them content through paid advertising channels, wherever they aggregate online, can be far more effective than email with low open rates and direct mail that is often ignored.  Invest pennies into your customers to retain dollars.  

3. Upsell

In the information age, having awareness of your customer’s buying journey is part of providing better service and capturing more sales. Mogo helps you identify and engage customers that are ideal for upsell and cross-sell, creating more revenue from your existing customer base.  Segment your customer file by product or service and create custom upsell offers that meet the needs of each segment.  

4. Reactivation

Customer attrition and loss is an unfortunate part of business.  Digital marketing, through paid advertising channels, is an effective way to connect, engage and reactivate these customers.   

Leverage Mogo’s CRM Targeting to reactivate your lost customers. Mogo converts your actual customer database(email, name & address) to non personally identifiable cookies that we can then target across display, video, Facebook, mobile and search.  Deliver custom offers and messages to these audiences to efficiently win them back.

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4 pillars of digital marketing
acquire new customers
retain your customers
find up-sell opportunities
re-activate lost customers
connect, engage, activate