Frequently Asked Questions

We're happy to answer any questions you have about working with Mogo Interactive.

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What do we charge?

Our fees are based on the size and scope of the marketing project you require. We offer full service, or a la carte solutions depending on your specific budget and needs.

We develop true partnerships with our clients which go beyond fees. We care deeply about our clients’ success. 

How can Mogo make my dollars stretch farther?

Mogo’s team has a unique and successful process that stems from a genuine understanding of the marketplace. By combining our entire client spending, we are able to negotiate rates that benefit all our clients.

The media process starts with planning and ends with results. Mogo commits to every client, putting our marketing minds to work on each and every project to ensure success.

My business needs to generate results. Is this “direct response” advertising? Is that different than regular advertising?

Every Mogo run campaign needs to generate results. The results might be tangible, in dollars, or they might be geared toward building awareness. Online advertising allows all ad buys to be “direct response” because we can quantify the results so easily.

Broadcast and print advertising can be trickier, but there are ways of creating response mechanisms in all media. There is a segment in the advertising world that is known as “direct response” (DR) advertising which is repetition oriented and usually based on hammering frequency and using remnant inventory. We are here to help you determine the best method to get the results you need.

Why do we need someone to do our media buying for us instead of buying ourselves in-house?

In running a business, you have a lot to worry about. Specializing in media is just not something most clients are set up to do. Studying media markets, however, is all we do. We can negotiate better rates, better placement, and more return for your dollar because we understand the market.

Can MoGo develop the creative component for my ads?

Yes, we can. Mogo recognizes the importance of messaging appropriately within different media channels, and we have developed “Creative Best Practices” to assist our clients. Mogo also has relationships with a number of creative specialists, from writers to producers to voice talent, and we are here to help match you with the best partner for your needs and budget.

How will you help me manage my advertising campaigns?

At Mogo, we pride ourselves on the extensive campaign management we offer. You can get back to running your business with confidence knowing that Mogo is managing your advertising campaigns closely. We help you determine the best way to spend your marketing dollars, negotiate the lowest prices, and make sure everything runs correctly. In addition, we handle calls from media reps for you.

What types of reporting will you provide to help analyze my campaign results?

Mogo is a full disclosure, procurement-friendly media buying agency. All media buys are supported through active stewardship and a full suite of post-buy reporting and measurement.  Depending on the media mix this would include GRP’s, CPP’s, CPM’s, CPC, CPA and revenue data.

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